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Weekly Update
Wednesday, July 31, 2013 | 10:19 AM |

My best friend and my 'adik baby' :)

I feel like I need to make a comment about time going by too fast, but I say it all the time. Later on, I'll rock back and forth in my chair looking at his newborn pictures and cry - but for now I'll carry on with this post instead. Three months & one week old, and baby boy is still a ham for the camera.

This week my baby boy has -

01.Continued to sleep through the night. These past few days he's been up at sahur.
02.Great at day sleeps. He has a pretty good napping pattern.
03.Met some more lovely babies his age and let his mummy socialise with other new parents.
04.Started grabbing his toys and aiming them for his mouth.
05.Smiled constantly. He is super cheerful during the mornings.
06.Breastfed like a rock-star.
07.Has grown. We have officially cracked the 5.50 kg mark & he is now 60 cm long!
08.Managed to fill out his clothing with surprising speed, I guess the growth spurt will do that.
09.Been a champion tummy-timer. His neck is so strong now. I realised that I've been holding him in a hip hold while walking around - it wasn't that long ago that we were ever so cautiously supporting his neck, and now all he wants to do is look around.
10.Gone on a car-seat and pram strike. Not a fan of those things at the moment