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This Baby
Friday, July 19, 2013 | 2:48 PM |

Salam :)

I'd like to think we have a great baby - he's smart, clever, and absolutely beautiful. He has his bad days too, his cranky and sad and overtired days. Does that mean I like him more or less on those days - no way. He's a baby. He's allowed to have his good and his bad days - just like I have them, his walid has them, everyone has them.

Caliph is growing quickly. His clothes, that he took so long to get into, are starting to grow snug - already. He is cooing and babbling and chuckling, and it melts my heart to see his break into that huge gummy smile.

Sometimes I'm sad to say goodbye to my tiny, helpless newborn - but other days, most days, I'm so excited to see the person he's growing into. I'm biased, I know, but he really does get more beautiful by the day.

This month caliph has:

01. Been sleeping through the night. We have a fairly late bedtime but he lasts through until around 0800 most of the time. Very happy mummy, right here.
02. Met up with a few other little babies & bad lots of friends visit him at home.
03. Figured out that he has hands - and that they can fit in his mouth.
04. Started shoving anything and everything into his mouth, and sticking out his tongue to taste things. You know what that means - baby slobber. He's like a dribbling machine.
05. Smiled constantly. It is the most adorable thing ever. He's the chattiest in the morning - when he first wakes up, after feeds, and during his wide awake time.
06. Continued breastfeeding like a champion, on his own.
07. Been growing. At our last weigh in, he was 5.5 kg & 60 cm long.
08. Officially started wearing size 3 - 6 month clothes. Some are still a little baggy, but they fit his well length-wise now.
09. Kept on rolling over. He doesn't like tummy time much, and screeches until he flips onto his back.
10. Started swatting at & touching his toys. I'm loving the new interest in bright colours and sounds.