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Wednesday, June 19, 2013 | 7:14 AM |

Salam :)

Khalef is now almost 08 weeks old. Two months old. Practically a gentleman.

This past week, we had our first stint at single parenting - just us at home. Hubby has a new semester starting in Batu Pahat, so will be back & forth a few days at a time for the next few weeks. He's going back at work for several weeks now, but it's different having caliph full time. I didn't realise how much I enjoyed having hubby get home from study & take caliph off my hands for cuddles - that was my break time! We even have a bit of a bedtime routine down - hubby bathes & dresses caliph, while I get caliph pyjama's ready and feed then, before getting caliph to sleep. Doing it all on my own was harder than I imagined it would be.

As challenging as it is for me to get used to, I really don't mind. He's good company & I love spending time with him. And it's just as challenging for Ehsan - I know how much he hates being away from Khalef, especially when he's this little. We chat on Skype in the evenings, and I send him random pictures to make him smile.

Speaking of hair, oh my gosh. I thought I'd maybe escaped the dreaded post-partum hair loss epidemic, but nope, not immune. I have no idea how I have any hair left, what with the amounts I've been shedding in the shower. If only all of my hair was falling out at that rate.

Khalef has been dribbling like crazy these past few days. I automatically assumed that drooling babies - teething, so panicked, thinking his teeth coming out early. I've run my fingers over his gums. The dribbling has coincided with his hands finding his mouth constantly, so it must be that. I already have a toy ready for him for the future months, but gave it to him early - he's been chowing down already.

Hubby gets back to Batu Pahat last week. We go out for dinner the day before, just the three of us, for our upcoming 1-year anniversary. It was 16 June, while he was away. I spent it with a screaming baby. It'll be the first time we go out since Khalef was born - aside from a trip to the dentist a few weeks ago, which absolutely does not count as couple time. I'm actually looking forward to it - I'm drained after this single parenting gig, and I've really missed Ehsan. Plus, caliph's grandparents are itching to get their hands on him for the night!