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Sunday, May 19, 2013 | 8:50 PM |

This time last year, I'm preparing for my wedding. That usually would be a momentous or blog worthy event. It brought about a whole stack of emotions. There's great time for a positiveness on Mother's Day. It was pretty darned joyful.

If you'd told me then that in twelve months, I'd be somebody's mother, I wouldn't have believed you. It was too raw, too unthinkable. What a difference this past twelve months has made to our lives. It's amazing how quickly my heart just exploded with love - it grew from the positive pregnancy test, to the scans, to the heartbeat, and when he made his early arrival into the world. I'm learning new things about him, and about myself, every day.

Today was memorable. My first as a mother, my mother's first as a grandmother - and our first as parents. I know Khalef is happy that he is here with us today, helping us to keep on living. It was a happy day. And yes, I'm crazy - attempting artwork with a 3 weeks old was possibly not the smartest idea but what can I say. We wanted a sweet gift for the grandmama's, and I'm not afraid of a little art and craft - it's the teacher in me.

Big love and hugs to all of my mummy & soon-to-be-mummy friends, but also to those still on their journeys to motherhood. I know first hand just how hard this day can be, and I'm thinking of you and sending hope your way.

Thank you for making me a mother, Khalef. I promise I'll do my best to bring you up right.