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Miracle Baby
Friday, August 31, 2012 | 8:41 AM |

Salam! (gender reveal)

Okay, firstly it's been a while right? Have been so busy to update the blog. A lot of things need to be done and I'm kinda missing you guys. Been offline on twitter and facebook too lately.

me : salam baby, tomorrow we are going to know either you are Muhammad or Nur. Mummy & Walid are so excited! Hby?
baby : *three-kicks-in-a-row*

So, how am I been doing? Alhamdulillah. Never been better. I'm officially graduated. This is the time that I'm normally off on holidays anyway. The difference is, next year I won't be returning for classes. I'll be preparing for our new one's arrival. Some of my colleagues surprised me with a huge basket full of baby goodies. Lots of nappies, wraps, onesies & toys to keep baby busy. I am now on my 22 weeks of pregnancy. Baby is in length of a zucchini this week, or as heavy as a papaya. I'm glad of my sleep and doing well. The baby went active during the night, but has been mostly in morning. I'm still waiting for some harder kicks and movement from the outside. My belly feels very hard this week.

And so tomorrow we are going to have some crazy start to the ultrasound. I had been worrying, just a niggling feeling, that the baby was going to play cheeky and keep it's legs crossed. Weather it is a she or he, we wouldn't mind. We just hope and pray that the baby will always be in a safe condition (: