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Iftar Jama'ie
Tuesday, August 7, 2012 | 8:50 AM |
Salam! (:

So last Sunday I had an awesome iftar with schoolmates at D'Polo Catering. My husband and I had to rush since he is going back to JB at night but thankfully it wasn't a full / hectic day. Since I was eagerly to introduce my husband to them, so we set off early. Yeay. But then, we had to visit a friend first. She just delivered her first baby boy. Kak Ainn.

Anyway, after meeting her and the cute baby Adam, we straight away went to Polo to join my friends on our yearly 'iftar' activity. But first, have to pick up Nyda, as always. Basically we just assign ourselves to this event to catch up with everybody.

So we sat with Nyda, Jannah, Aqilah, and Afiqah at first. But then she ran off to the next table with the boys. Haha. We thought we were the last one to arrive since it's 7:00 pm. Nah. We are actually the earliest one. Time management, people. Please.

After warmed up with them, alhamdulillah, so sweet when they were so concerned with the hubby. Yet, still he is just freaking shy guys. Sorry for that. Hehe.

After choosing the meals as they were served in buffet, we went back to our table. As we were all waiting for the azan, my husband looks so tired as he will fall into sleep and zombified. Really. Last but not least, thanks for all my dear Alif, Soleh, Muaz, Hadi, and the rest.