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Bachelor Party
Tuesday, June 12, 2012 | 7:09 PM |
Salam and hey! (:

Ya Allah! Finally here I'm updating this blog. Been a bit busy for now, for the preparation. May Allah bless us all. Ease everything, ya Allah. Sorry my dear readers. So alhamdulillah tonight I managed to steal some time to update blog in the busiest moment in my life. I have finished my holiday like I said in my previous update and ony a week left till my big day. Things get a little bit busier nowadays and in a few days i/Allah I am no longer a miss. Eh few days? YES! :D

God knows how nervous i am, actually. But everytime when people ask me, I feel the excitement rather than others. The nervous thing only come when I am all alone by myself in my room. Plus all of my friends are still young. Haha I am too indeed. So when you are the one who is going to get married first, it's so exciting, okay too much! Hewhew! ;)

If some of you've been wondering how's the preparation, alhamdulillah things are all under control and still struggling for classes and this wedding stuff. Btw, I am so sorry that I an't invite all of you guys to the wedding eventhough it's arranged marriage. Yet this amazing matter have to be consider too, especially about the money. For study, for expense and of course for my new family. He is not a loyalty. So to everyone, please pray for us. Don't worry, I will update it as soon as possible. Cause I know you will enjoy it right? Eh? And to those who wish us early, thank you so much! Really touched! D':

Talking about marriage. It's somehow a little bit special okay when you became one of the earliest that is going to get married. Cause they will treat you extra special. For example my friends, also know as THE FAFI. Sorry for the name, just stuff that we used to call ourselves in high school. They made a surprise bachelor party for me. We just went to Jusco for Madagascar 3, Johnny's for lunch, do some coloring contest, talked, Baskin Robin for delicious ice-cream and stuffs.