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Big Day
Sunday, June 17, 2012 | 8:52 AM |
After all the struggles, and the pain. Finally the big day, 26th Rejab!

Praise be to Allah, at the age of 20 years and 7 months I'm already married. Truth to be told, I never thought I would get married this early with Ehsan Fahmy. It is early, unexpected, wonderful and awesome. Well, it's proven that Allah's plan is the best!

As many of you know, he is the love of my life, my one and only. I always pray to Allah that I'll love him more the moment I became his wife. Honestly. I really have a deep feeling for this guy. I was once cheated by a guy, but this time I believe Allah have a better plan for us i/Allah. It was so hard at first, and later then He send him to me!

I'm still a teenager. This is not an old school. People will ask. A lot. But I don't mind. It's my life. I'm the one who is going to get married. And I do hope by this marriage, everyone will be happy and joy for us and families. It's not an easy thing. To plan such big things in a short notice. Luckily both of our parents bless us. And most of our friends are happy for us. It's has been a hard week before the big day!

I accepted him after the Istikharah. And I choose him because of Allah. Allah is The All Mighty, The Most Merciful & Compassion. This is the best and the right thing to do. Thank you Allah and with others' prays, my dream and fairy tale came true in the end!