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I'm Engaged
Saturday, June 9, 2012 | 11:05 AM |
Salam and hello! As I've promised before, I'm going to post few of my engagement pictures. Some of them are already mad at me. I'm a bit busy. The new semester has just started. So after this I'm going to prepare for my nikah.

Some of my friends ask, "What did you feel that moment?" The answer is, after dating for about two years Alhamdulillah one fine day Ehsan told me that, "If this will make you happy, then I'll marry you." After I did my istikharah prayer, I agreed with him. He cried and whispered, "Thank you so much" for so many times. Allah Akhbar! So his families come after our vacation. So it's a short notice and we only have one day to prepare. I don't have many times to tell to all of my friends. I'm so sorry :'(

This is my journey towards my happy ending story, haha! But it's not a novel okay, and in fact it's real :D. So here is the pictures. Started after 'asar but I didn't sleep the whole day. I'm happy and excited too much. Actually it's not that nervous. But when mak puts the ring on my finger, I started to shake. My dress get all sweat. Everything went well. Thanks to everyone who came, to my best ever parents, and to my siblings that help a lot. To him and his family, may Allah protect us, i/Allah we'll get married soon. Don't stop praying. Aw-rite till then, later.