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He's Afraid
Tuesday, May 29, 2012 | 7:42 AM |

This is not an ordinary love story, in fact it’s just a story about a different view. I need to share this with everyone, because it’s very funny and adorable too.

We went to euro fun fair recently. Surprisingly we don't share the same excitement there. You, with your gorgeous dark hair and cute fake accent, and me with my snow-white skin and brown eyes. The place fascinated me well. I positively sure that he will ride those super extreme things. He is older than me, yet we were on the same wavelength but not this time. He is afraid of height actually.

As I got to know this, I feel a little bit sad then. We liked the same music, quoted the same movies but not the same outdoor activities though. We still play together, and have great fun at night. We entered the haunted house which not even worth the rm10 we've paid, sucks. At last I managed to make him ride another two things after I convinced him that it's safe. Even he has acrophobia, he still act brave when some guys were being braver in front of me. I told him how brave and good he was, and his adorable face would always cheer me up.

He's 21 years old and yesterday he found his fear of heights, a simple 12-15 feet does not bother him, anything more than that he will feel like hanging on for dear life. I belive that if he finds the root of this burden, it's a beginning. When he learns to understand it, he's half way there. Easier said than done.

Even though it seems like this fear is a dysfunction, we evolved this behaviour in order to keep us safe and ensure our survival. But just because we have these unconscious behaviours our brain isn’t always that good at deciding whether it’s appropriate to use them in a given context. When our brain makes the wrong call the fear is classed as a phobia. In most cases, phobias aren’t that good at protecting us, but they’re better than nothing. But in the case of this phobia, fear of heights, it can actually increase the risk rather than protect the person who experiences it.