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Monday, March 19, 2012 | 2:40 AM |

We were so perfect together, I know. It's just the distance that separated us. The distance and us not being prepared for this. I've never wanted that kind of relationship - a long distance relationship. But we had it for a few months.

Who knew that those 24 hours would still be with me almost a year later. I went on a friends hangout. We went to a karaoke. He sat besides of me. He would look back and I would smile. Nothing all that big.

Then later he drove my car to the mall. Once again he would look back and I would smile.

He was sitting and I went over to talk to him. We laughed and talked for hours. I never laughed like that in my life or felt that way about anyone ever.

At night, me, him and a group of other people we met sending him to the station. I can't explain how I felt. When I had to go back up to my room he was all I could think about.

The next day I was anxious to text him I wanted to talk to him some more. And we did. This may sound like just a simple story but it will stay with me forever. It was almost time for me to leave. Finally when I had to go he picked me up and hugged me. I was walking away when I turned around and see him waving and blowing me a kiss.

That moment held the most genuine smile ever.

I still think about him everytimes. Wondering if he thinks about me. I have never doubt it. If this experience taught me anything it's that - take a risk and it could be worth it.