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Pulau Pangkor
Thursday, November 17, 2011 | 11:45 AM |

On last 07th September, we went to Pulau Pangkor for a holiday again. I wait for him for a long time as that day is also the same day of Bersih 2. Instead of being alone, I ask my friend Ikhwan to accompany me. He is a talkactive person, which will makes me stay wake driving to Kampar to fetch Ehsan. Did I mention that Ikhwan is a eat-holic too!

And this was the start of our new friendship. Over the following hours, we arrived to Lumut at 6:00 am. It was a long ride for us that day. On the next day, we have our lunch at KFC and hop on the ferry to get across Pulau Pangkor.

My camera is now cluttered with photos. Every seconds we takes our pictures together. We smile together, laugh at each other or just staring each other eyes closely. On the evening, we choose to walk at the beach.

On the last day, we done packing our things and rushed to the market. We bought some jeruk and crafts. It was a pleasant journey for me - I love Ehsan Fahmy for sure! ♥