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Meet Meeko
Wednesday, November 9, 2011 | 10:45 AM |

Perhaps not since the Baby Meeli died.

On November 09 a black-white cat wandered around Batu Gajah Mosque, and catch up into dad's attention. Hissing on the ground, Meeko the clawless cat kept my dad looking at him for about few minutes, then my dad pick him up.

Finally, Meeko is mine. I called the cat Kenit before. Meelo and Meeki disappear back into the rooms when they saw this new kitty.

"They doesn't want any cat in this house," said Mom.

Unlike Meelo and Meeki, Meeko is not typically territorial. With a habitat that includes making really cute face, this cat will be seen fairly often in this region of the house.

Small-grown, Baby Meeko weigh between less than a kg and measure as much as the ruler's long. His diets can include chickens, fishes insects, cereals and milks.