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Couples Retreat
Wednesday, November 9, 2011 | 1:43 AM |

It all started when a couple of our friends suggested us to go for a holiday, at first I wasn't really into it because I was afraid if we couldn't come up with enough money to spend for the travelling and stuff but Ehsan got quit excited. So we spent around RM500 for both of us return! Rather cheap wasn't it? Of course that is because we took the bus and train to Penang.

First, I have to wait Ehsan for about 6 hours as he is from JB. We choose to go on Saturday. And of course the bus from JB to Ipoh was delayed, but it was a blessing in disguise because then the bus from Ipoh to Penang was also delayed. So most of our time spent in the bus stop running around looking for the food. Oh well, that's what you got for your first together holiday I guess.

After two hours and half journey from Ipoh - Penang, we finally arrived! Rain and windy day, Ehsan can't really stand cold weather. Changed my boots to my trusty sneakers for walking around in the city. It was Sunday so most shops are closed and it was really windy.

The first Pizza shop we found is at Gurney Plaza. Filling up our empty stomach.

Ehsan going crazy in front of cinema, both of us went to see Khurafat - a horror movie. The taxi we rented for our stay, needed a small car for both of us and because we're staying in town so sometimes it's easier to move around by feet!

After walking around town for awhile we came back to our small two nights rooms. Oh well, looking forward to show y'all pictures of the holiday we went after, in my next post!