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Cameron Highland
Thursday, November 17, 2011 | 1:07 PM |

During my second year at the university, I spent countless hours with Ehsan Fahmy travelling to and from everywhere. One of these hours is trp to Cameron Highland. We go there by my car, kancil.

During the journey, I looked up from the hill and surveyed the surrounds of the valley. I am not alone. I am with a tall, cute man in a red and blck T-shirt. He had a gorgeous smile and some muscles. I felt so comfortable there, and hoped the ride will never ends. At the first stop, we visited the butterfly farm and then the bee farm. Later after that, we took some photos at the hill - BOH Tea Plantation Site.

The scenery was awesome!

We left the hill in a flash, rushed due to rain. Ehsan then drive calmly on way home, holding my hands every seconds. "Love you," he said. "This is the best trip we ever have, dear."

I resolved to always spent more and more time together everyday after this! ♥