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Convocation Day
Wednesday, December 3, 2014 | 1:07 AM |

Salam :)

Hello Peeps ♥ It's me again and I just feel super busy recently but finally I have some extra time to blog about this post. It's all about my BIG BIG day! Teehee it's one of the happiest day I had within this year. It's my convocation. I told myself I have to do whatever I can to make my parent to be proud of me.


You know how I feel when I'm walking on the stage? Maybe it's very easy for you but for me I need to work extra hard than most of you. Finally I graduated with my Diploma in Business Studies. I just can't believe that.

I didn't attend the rehearsal, so I was quite lost of what to do when I reached the assembly place. But the staffs there were very helpful so I managed to not freaking out. I was given a smart card when I went to collect graduation robe earlier. It contains my information that would be displayed on the big screen when I walked on the stage to get my scroll - which I gave to the announcer just before I went up on stage. Pretty systematic huh? I wonder if other local university have implement such system.

Anyway, graduating alone was a little awkward. I mean, I didn't attend the UiTM Convocation Day because still in confinement period. Here, it was a bit unlucky that not all of my friends attend the convocation. But it wasn't so bad. Because everybody was happy and happiness spread like a disease, you know? Hehe. So yeah, it was bearable. When we were queuing up right beside the stage, I couldn't stop thinking of all the embarrassing incident that could happen. But it went just fine, phew! It was over before I knew it.

I never do well in anything but once I decided to choose my own path or way. I will never let people look down me again. So until now, I never regret for this because I'm happy and enjoying my life after all the hard work I did. From a little girl who trying to look for a private collage but due to financial problem end up I choose to enter my current Uni which provided me a MARA loan. But the true side of this was quite stressful as you know UiTM is one of the top University you have to work really really hard to get what you want.

I'm really thankful to everyone of you. My parents, my sisters, my husband, my son, my family and my friends for giving me such an opportunity to prove and make them proud of me. I never get jealous over people who can perform better than me and because of them I perform better.